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Residential Voice over IP PDF Print E-mail
 Your days of experiencing expensive long distance, complicated “Special Bundle Plans” and confusing bills are over!

    Our Residential VoIP Solution is an all-inclusive home phone service that replaces your current telephone company. By using Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) to transmit your phone calls, PWHR Solutions offers you a better plan, with more features and bigger savings from what you are paying right now for your phone service.

Only $32.95 Per Month

 Residential VoIP Home Phone Service

    With Residential VoIP you will enjoy local calling to anywhere in Canada or the United States!  That’s right NO LONG DISTANCE, anywhere in Canada or the United States; no strings attached.
    Also included with our solution is an abundance of call features, included for FREE, in your phones monthly service. You get:
Free Caller ID
Free Call Waiting
Free Call Forwarding
Free Call Return (*69)
Free Enhanced Voice Mail Service
.......just to name a few!
    With our VoIP service you can send and receive calls the same way you do with a normal telephone. You do not need to be tied to a computer to use our service and you can relax knowing we have 100% Emergency 911 coverage all over Canada and the United States.
Can I keep my number? Check out our extensive Coverage Area
Feel free to contact us with your questions, we are standing by ready to help you.