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We just wanted to let you know that with all the upgrades you have been doing and the purchase of our new phone we have never been happier. All the problems appear to be gone and the reception is crystal clear. The dial out is instant now and dont even need to push the # key. Great job things are great couldnt be happier.

J & A of Barrie, Ontario, Canada

A client called me out of desperation to resolve an issue they were having. Within minutes I was conferencing calls, and accessing direct recommendations, and when I was forced to step out of the office I was able to keep on top of things with the call forwarding feature. Your solution was not only amazingly reliable, but it enabled me to provide prompt, professional and dependable service… and at a fraction of the cost! Thank you.

Ceejay Horrell StrateUpProductions.com

Never in my life have I had such personalized service and support. PWHR Solutions has spent so much time, outside of what most would consider "regular business hours", to diagnose and correct a problem that in the end had nothing to do with their product. They have exceeded my expectations on all fronts and I only wish there were more companies out there that had the same caring attitude towards their clients as PWHR has demonstrated in their dealings with me.

P Finlay of Guelf, Ontario